How would you feel…?

How would you feel if your church closed?

  • No longer open for special family events – baptisms, weddings, funerals
  • No longer open for Sheep Fair, Remembrance Day, national celebrations and events …
  • No longer open for local schools for Christmas or Easter or Harvest or …
  • No longer open for regular local worship
  • No longer open to visit for quiet times of reflection or prayer
  • No longer open for concerts, exhibitions, flower festivals, …
  • No longer open for visitors to enjoy the heritage of past craftsmanship

The church building is no longer fit for purpose

The building has no running water, no easily accessible toilet, no easy way to serve refreshments; access is difficult for those with limited mobility.

There are just three power outlets in the entire building.

The heating system was installed in the 1960s and no longer meets modern requirements. The boiler is obsolete, cracked and inefficient; spare parts have become difficult to find. 

Other than an intermittent mobile signal, there is no internet access, making it difficult for those who wish to stream events for distant family members.

The last major changes to its interior took place in the 1860s; society has changed somewhat since then.

We’ve got to the end of what we can achieve by “make do and mend”, working around the limitations imposed by the existing structure and layout. 

What is needed?

We want to enable St John’s church to be used and enjoyed by people living in the 21st century, churchgoers or not, while respecting the heritage of the past.

Diocesan and national experts have been consulted, including a specialist church architect. At a minimum we need:

  • full access for all, including the ability to circulate freely using a wheelchair or mobility scooter
  • an accessible WC and a servery
  • new systems for heating, lighting, power, and internet

“Put starkly, the church would 
probably close if these works are 
not undertaken.”

– James Edgar, national heritage consultant

St John’s Church has been open for over 850 years. How would you feel if it was permanently closed in your lifetime because of a lack of support?

Without support, the church WILL close. 
But YOU can make a difference, churchgoer or not.

Join the Friends of Corby Glen Church and help shape its future.