• Exciting times ahead…

    Announcing the launch of the Friends of Corby Glen Church: Friday 21 April 2023, 7 pm, in St John’s Church. Guided tours, exhibition of the plans for the development of the building as a community asset, refreshments

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  • Open for all

    The Church of St John the Evangelist is a beautiful historic building with unique medieval wallpaintings that has been at the heart of the community of Corby Glen for over 850 years. It is open for visitors and private prayer every day from around 9am to 4.30pm during November to March, and from 9am to…

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    The Friends of St John’s Church, Corby Glen, are a group of volunteers, some churchgoers, some not. All are welcome. Churchwardens: Mick Franklin, Sue GloverWebsite development: Sue Glover, Peter LackeyChurch Council representative: Liz ParsonsParish Council representative: Adam ClinkSummer Fête coordinator: Ella-Louise Teillant Email: If you would like to make a donation to support the…

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