Easter flowers 2023

On the morning of Saturday 8 April Jill Walsingham and her team of flower arrangers gathered at St John’s Church, Corby Glen, ready to decorate it for the Easter Vigil later that evening, and for Easter Sunday, celebrating Jesus’ rising from the dead.

Some brought arrangements in their car while others toiled directly with flowers in place.

As Jill said “We would like to thank all of those who donated so generously towards the Easter lilies and flowers, and the team of ladies who have volunteered their time to do those wonderful arrangements. Thank you again.” 

The Easter Lilies were donated in memory of
Mr Fred and Mrs Rose Story,
George Mitchell,
Margaret Healey,
Geoffrey Clark,
Leslie and Christine Buckman,
Herbert Rowsell,
Colin Sandon,
Joan Smith,
Janet and Terry Glover,
Stella Surkitt,
Millie and Ken Allison and Sarah Lyon,
Mr and Mrs Cyril Donaldson,
Mr and Mrs Ernest Walsingham,
Mr and Mrs Farley,
Mrs Audrey Lamming.
A friend also wanted to remember Brenda Hall, who is still with us.