Churchyard birds: Winter 2022-23

We might expect to see winter visitors such as Fieldfares and Redwings before they depart for their Scandinavian breeding grounds, usually by late April. Many of our resident species are fairly easy to see during the winter months as the trees are devoid of camouflaging foliage. 

So far, we have logged 27 species in a short timeframe and as the list grows, it will include overflying birds and those seen or heard in the immediate vicinity of the surrounding fields. The bulk of these birds can be seen in the churchyard itself, and at this time of year they are spending much of the daylight hours foraging for limited natural food. Smaller birds, such as Wrens and Robins, need to eat at least their own body weight daily to survive cold snaps.

GoldcrestDunnockHouse Sparrow
JackdawLong Tailed TitGreat Tit
Blue TitStock DoveCollared Dove
BlackbirdSong ThrushDunnock
ChaffinchRed KiteBuzzard
Carrion CrowRookPheasant
Tawny OwlPied WagtailMarsh Tit
List of birds recorded to March 2023